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For over 100 years, Katicich Ranch and Felix Costa & Sons (FC&S) have grown top quality fruit in San Joaquin County. We joined together in 2021 to create KatCo Packing Inc., recognizing that the combination of many decades worth of cherry expertise and the right location, equipment, and growing practices would bring an exciting new cherry option to the market.

KatCo Packing benefits from numerous operational efficiencies including a state-of-the-art Unitec optical sorting machine bringing increased accuracy and speed. Katicich and FC&S also reap additional benefits from the partnership, having grown and packed our own fruit for many years we strive to deliver an experience that we would want and expect as a grower from a packing shed.

This exciting development means that the future of California cherries will remain bright. We are committed to packing outside grower fruit within 24 hours of arrival with intentional focus and effort on producing a top-quality box to be proud of. 

Welcome to KatCo Packing

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