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Brookside Cherries

Felix Costa & Sons

In the early 1920s, brothers Felix & John Costa and Phil Chinchiolo formed Brookside Fruit Company in Stockton, California. The company specialized in growing top-quality cherries and grapes, and in the mid-1920s began shipping cherries to the East Coast by rail. Multiple sheds in the area fed a centralized cold storage in Stockton.

Following World War II, the Brookside Fruit Company split into Felix Costa & Sons and the Chinchiolo Fruit Company. In the early 1970s, Felix Costa & Sons continued to flourish and transitioned to the packing shed that presently sits on the corner of West Lane and Harney Lane in Lodi. Around the same time, their first international exports began to the Pacific Rim.

In the late 1980s, a fumigation chamber was added to the packing shed which enabled export to Japan and later Korea. In the 1990s, Felix Costa & Sons began packing and marketing cherries sourced from throughout the Central Valley and Central Coast. Optical sizing and sorting were added to the shed in 2013 which furthered the company's export and domestic marketing reach.

These expansions have culminated in the merger of Katicich Ranch and Felix Costa & Sons in 2021 forming KatCo Packing Inc.

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